The legend is no longer a myth-- with the creation of Seymour Systems by a Florida native, Gladys Seymour Davis.

"Growing up as a native Floridian, the idea of you thing was a natural part of my history. For hundreds of years, the city of St. Augustine has recognized Ponce de Leon's search for the Fountain of Youth and has penitently memorialized it. Because of this legend, the concept of body rejuvenation may not be as foreign to us as it is for non-natives," says Seymour.

Perhaps that's true... but the idea of staying young is an idea we can all live with, and one that Ms. Seymour Davis has embodied.

From the moment you meet her, Gladys' fun, positively energized, welcome home attitude relaxes your spirit and sets your mind at ease. People are often surprised when they learn she is in her 50's, the mother of two grown daughters (age)34 and 36), and that she has four grandchildren. Her smooth and radiant skin, her lean and toned body, and her natural vibrancy is that of a much younger woman. Her personality has been described as cross between Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey, with a touch of Marianne Williamson.

Seymour's way of thinking about the body as a living sculpture and her system for treating her own body is particularly appealing. "In this never-ending, weight-obsessive, exercise-crazed culture, it is obvious we are missing out on the most basic relationship with our body. Using applied physics through deliberate touch and feel of the body to improve its natural appearance is so primarily bio-Logical. Yet, when it comes to the body restoration field, Seymour Systems is the first program to offer specialized instruction for a systemized, do-it yourself, hands-on solution. II

With 20+ years experience in the creation and refinement of her specialized treatment, Seymour's major contribution to the health and beauty arena is the recognition of the whole body's skin as the largest, most overlooked organ of the body. It is the primary place where excess fat is stored.

The Seymour Systems treatment 'artistically' sees the body's fat as the common denominator in the aging equation... defending the body's natural muscular form. "Fat fills-in the body's skin, creating an over-crowding condition. Circulatory functions are slowed, II she explains. Seymour sees these cellular obstructions to the body's flow mechanics (Le. proper blood and lymph flow) as particularly evident in the joint areas. Obstructions develop naturally from everyday sitting and bending of the arms and legs which results in squeezing the fluid out of the cells. This leads to a solidified band-like build up of excess fat surrounding the major joints: knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, etceteras. This ongoing process of impaired overall circulation contributes to fat accumulation reflected in the loss of the skin's tone, texture, and elasticity. These physical changes contribute to someone looking 'older' and they have long been accepted as part of normal aging.

In an effort to restore skin that has been stretched by excess fat, serious dieters often end up under the surgeon's knife, thinking it's the only way to tighten the loose skin. Even serious exercise enthusiasts can end up on the surgeon's table, believing liposuction is the only way. This is because no matter how many hours-a-day they spend working out, some unsightly fat deposits never go away. The dilemma has been how to reduce the excess adipose tissue stored within the skin while also restoring the skin's tone, texture, and its elasticity. Seymour Systems was created to simultaneously treat the skin and its fat content --- by exercising the skin directly. Never before has there been a self-care system to deliberately change our whole body's form, skin condition and fat content --- all in one treatment.

Seymour's teaches that restoring the body's natural ability to heal itself by restoring the body's ability to circulate is the missing link to ensure our body-care success. She states, "I know that form follows function. The body looks the way we use it, just like you can see how you walk by looking at the soles of your shoes." By using the hands as primary natural treatment tools,
Seymour trains her students how to directly stimulate the reprocessing of fat that is stored just beneath the skin's surface waiting to be freed, reabsorbed and utilized as energy.

As a physical education major, Seymour knows it takes time to truly grasp the concept of directly changing a body in this "artist-minded" way. The conventional medical approach involves a relatively fast and direct surgical procedure to the problem area. Cosmetic surgery is limited by the fact that it is costly and usually needs to be repeated. With only small parts of the body being treated at one time, these techniques do not address the cause of the problem, only the effects.

Presented in 1988 at the World Congress for the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, Seymour Systems treatment approach, in part, agrees with the conventional surgeons.

"I admire the art and reconstructive nature of cosmetic surgery. It is wonderful when someone can change the way they look and, consequently, feel better. When we work on ourselves, we are reconstructing the tissue mass, just like the surgeon," Gladys says, "however; we take a whole body approach. The difference is that we are progressively doing it ourselves, applying our treatment to the whole body, making impressions rather than incisions. By learning how to undo these tissue formations, we can restore function to the junctions (joints). The body is then free to heal itself."

The only side effect mimicking conventional surgery according to Seymour is that, in the very beginning, some people develop light bruising lasting 3 to 5 days. This usually occurs when treating massive formations of adipose tissue. The face seldom bruises because it has the best circulation in the body. With continued treatment, bruising is not an issue. Seymour Systems treatments have also been used effectively as an adjunct to cosmetic surgery, for both pre- and post- operational patients. It helps prepare the skin for surgery --- and helps the skin to naturally heal after surgery.

"Each of us is ultimately the catalyst for our desired body changes, II Seymour stresses. The search for magic potions, legendary waters, and miracle pills is no longer necessary. Anyone who learns the Seymour System and applies its common-sense body wisdom in their daily self-care routine of showering, bathing, and lubricating their skin, will come to the same spiritual reality that Gladys did, "all that we seek lies within".

If you think this treatment 'sounds too good to be true', you can ask those who are going thru the youth-ing change. "It's my miracle antidote for my lifestyle," says Melanie. She knows her career as an assistant director for major motion pictures can really takes its toll on one's body. "Being a native Floridian,1I Melanie goes on to say, III always come back to Florida to rejuvenate. Traveling around the country for work is great, but I intuitively seek my restoration at home."

Debbie, an intensive care nurse, reports that at first she was concerned with the droopiness of her thighs after liposuction. "My surgical results were disappointing," Debbie says. "As a nurse, when I first heard about Seymour Systems, I was puzzled as to how this miracle treatment works. Not any more." Seymour teaches, that "a miracle, by definition, does not require explanation." According to the COURSE IN MIRACLES, a miracle is defined as the correction of an error. "By utilizing Seymour's' whole body treatment approach," Debbie continues, It not only is the unevenness being corrected, I naturally look and feel younger than my age. I love it! Life at the hospital is not going to change... its intensive care. What has changed is that I can literally erase the work's tiring, aging effects --- and be ready to do my best for the patients. "

Just who is it that seeks out and finds this alternative body-restoration treatment? They are the rich, the famous, the soon-to-be famous, or simply extra-ordinary, spiritually-minded individuals. Most arc drawn to her unique style of teaching what she calls 'adult physical education.' She reminds us all that we have within ourselves the necessary Fountain of Youth for preserving our physical freedom and youthfulness. "Accessing the gift of eternal youth has always been about something-to-know rather than something-to-find," Seymour reminds us. "We keep looking outside for answers when the solutions are within us all the time."

Seymour teaches self-care and couples care classes in the 'fun and sun city of Miami Beach. Presently, she is in the process of creating an instructional self-care book (at the prompting of a New York publisher) and is planning a series of instructional videos. She is also preparing to promote her educational discovery on a much larger scale... development of individuals who wish to learn to work on themselves and their loved ones.

The Seymour Systems evolved from Ms. Seymour Davis' extensive interdisciplinary study including: majoring in physical education and health in college; researching oriental techniques of acupuncture and acupressure; following advances in sports medicine and holistic health; and a long-standing interest in biology and human anatomy.

Her commitment is to having people realize their potential for vitality, health and beauty throughout their lives. She believes we can control and prevent progressive signs of aging which, or so long, were thought to be a normal part of getting older. Wrinkles, pain, excess fat and physical limitations are not inevitable. Her intent is to have the Seymour System fully available (through classes, books. and videos) in order for everyone to benefit and be able to live more fulfilled and productive lives.

Her accomplishments and results to date, include:

* The Seymour System is reviewed in depth in Nina L. Diamond's book, Purify Your Body: Natural Remedies For Detoxifying From 50 Everyday Situations, published by Crown in December, 1996.
* Seymour Systems workshops were developed and delivered to young mothers in The Second Step: Babies First program in Pittsburgh, PA; August, 1995.
* Interview on WPLG- channel 10 (ABC) for special series on health and spirituality; aired May, 1995.
*Article profiling Seymour Systems in Entertainment News and Views (an important South Florida weekly newspaper); June 1994.
* WTVJ channel 6 (NBC), featured interview and demonstration with client testimonials
on news/lifestyle program; December 1991.
'" Trained family care staff for new wellness center in Potomac, MD; 1991.
* Presented a series of weekly Seymour Systems Workshops, including demonstration
treatments, over a nine month period, Sarasota, FL; 1990.
* Numerous feature articles in magazines and newspapers during the last ten years including
South Florida magazine and Good Housekeeping (Spanish edition, distributed in 33 countries).
'" Certification from World Congress for The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery presented at their international conference; October 1988.
* Member of the World Congress faculty and \¥world Congress presenter; October 1988.
* Seymour Systems Specialists placed in plastic surgeon's office as compliment and/or alternative for conventional cosmetic procedures; 1987-1990.
* Seymour Systems officially named and trademarked; 1987.
* Founded the Institute of Biotherapy which served Pritikin Longevity Center of Miami Beach, FL. Provided Biotherapy Treatments (later trademarked as Seymour Systems), trained treatment staff, conducted research, gave workshops, through out- reach programs, presented lectures to organizations in South Florida, and demonstration treatments in New York City. Placed Biotherapy Therapist with out-of-state Pritikin patients. International clientele included people from the business, medicine, entertainment media and sports; 1983-1985.
'" Founded The Figure Contouring Salon in Pittsburgh, P A. Client treatment and work shops. Clientele include wives from the professional athletic community and their families (Ms. Seymour Davis was previously married to NFL-Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Guard, Sam
* Participated in numerous television interviews and print articles, Pittsburgh, PA; 1975-1982.
'" Research and private study with natural health care practitioners, body work therapists, physicians, and other health treatment specialists, Los Angeles, CA, 1974.
* Physical education major, Concordia Teachers College, River Forest, Illinois; 1964-1965.
Allen University, Columbia, South Carolina; 1965-1967.

"Miami has such a diversity of residents, business travelers, and tourists from around the world. As a result, my clientele are quite varied and international, including the film, music, media, sports and politicians and some of the world's most affluent people from Los Angeles to New York, from Europe, to the Far East and Latin America. We also see people who live and work in South Florida. I teach many people who are not in the public eye including teachers, nurses, physicians and other health care practitioners, home makers, business people, and anyone interested in improving their health and physical appearance. My 'show business' clients include those who appear before a camera and those who work behind it, the models who wear the clothes as well as those who design them."

Gladys knowingly smiles, "I love the mystique that has always been a part of the treatment. To the uninformed on-looker, my treatment looks like massage --- safe and therapeutic. Yet, when seeking natural looking cosmetic changes, it is more effective than invasive surgical techniques, without the surgical risks." She confidently adds, "By restoring the body -- systematically treating it one day at a time -- the changes are the result of steadfast, not fast, progress. This ensures lasting results because each individual is changing their body deliberately and persistently. Repeated efforts -- especially those that produce consistent positive change -- eventually become transformations."

Seymour specializes in teaching women. "Safe-guarding our families' health begins within the family itself," she says. "Let's face it, Mom is still our first teacher. To take care of our families, we must restore ourselves to that birth-right position -- maintaining wellness by avoiding, rather than evading, sickness. This is my ultimate teaching goal. We can do this by advancing the physical education of women first. I firmly believe that once we have mastered the art of taking care of ourselves, only then are we truly empowered to effectively care for our families. "

This Seymour System a physical phenomenon is just that...phenomenon. "It is known to work faster for the male body because of it IS less complex reproductive system (no monthly menstrual cycle)," notes Seymour, "And yet, women's skin has better elasticity, a built in reproductive bonus."

Gladys envisions her family care approach as the additional physical antidote we have all been waiting (not weighting) for. She concludes, "With this systemized way to ensure the success of our diet and exercise choices, we the people, now hold an important key to the future for ourselves as well as that of our families."

For questions or more information on upcoming classes and programs, call Seymour Systems in Miami Beach @ (305) 623-6360.

Gladys Seymour Davis has developed and refined the Seymour Systems during her 20+ years of research and inquiry into the process of aging and the body's ability to eliminate excess fat through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. She evolved a complete approach that treats the body as a total unit, not just isolated parts. She is one of her own best examples that the system really works. In her 50's, she is vibrant, good humored, lean, wrinkle-free, and could easily pass for a much younger woman.

Working with hundreds of clients over the years has allowed her to develop and refine the Seymour Systems and, now, to train others in the treatment procedures. She has worked in a variety of settings. She has own health and beauty salon in Pittsburgh, and established The Institute of Biotherapy, a circulation therapy center operated in conjunction with the Pritikin Center for Longevity in Miami. Ms. Seymour Davis also devotes her time to the training and educating the many health enthusiasts on her techniques.

About the book: Seymour Systems skin rejuvenation process is divided into three parts. Part one gives you an introduction to the concept and principle of Seymour Systems while Part two is the instructional section. Part three offers you a 28 day plan to put the process into practice.

I know it is tempting to study the sections concerning the parts of the body that interest you the most but it is best to read through the whole book first. Understanding the “wholeness” of the body's skin is where your success lies.

The selected quotes and comments have been chosen to inspire you along the way.

The practical section is presented with step-by-step photographs. First you are educated on the use of your hands as sanding and sculpting tools. You will learn how to feel and treat accumulated adipose within the skin. Then you are shown applications. Once you understand what you are using your hands for, then our 28 day journey, together, will give you a daily, systemized and strategic intent as you wash, thy and lubricate your whole body's skin. It will become like brushing your teeth.

In addition, included in the instructions for the torso, there are 'basic' partner-care instructions to assist you with cleaning out the skin in the back, waist and hips. The instructions for “towel sanding” for the back, will help you free the area yourself.

Note: The advanced book: Seymour Systems Partner-Care instructions will be best effective after SS self-care is mastered. This way, you are helping each other to “accelerate the process” of rejuvenating the whole body's skin. When we have the knowledge.. we have self-empowerment.

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